Sunday, March 1, 2009


Holly's Photo:
"Love Orchid"

I have a confession. I am a plant killer. I have even managed to kill a cactus. Don't ask me how. You think being a former student in the Jupiter Environmental Research Field Studies Academy and being labeled a "tree hugger" would make me some kind of plant growing expert but as you can tell that is most certainly not the case. My most recent victim was an orchid I received from my ex boyfriend. It soon molded, shriveled up, and died and seemed to mimick our failing relationship perfectly. Knowing I love orchids, my current boyfriend gave me one for christmas. To my surprise not only did it continue to live past a week it started to sprout a new beautiful flower. I optimistically think of this as a direct representation of our growing love and thriving relationship. This may not be one of my most favorite pictures I have ever taken but the story and meaning behind this single budding flower means a ton to me. Though I have made huge strides in my plant caring skills, knowing my history with killing plants, basing my current realtionship solely on the life of this orchid probably isn't the best of ideas. Who knows? Maybe this love orchid will live forever. I hope it does :)

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  1. I know the orchid secret!!! IGNORE IT! Leave the thing alone, and NOT in the sun! Only water it once a week and your orchid will be a beautiful success, just as your loving relationship! :) Thanks for sharing