Sunday, March 1, 2009


Chris' Photo:
"Lonely Shoes on the Beach..."

While at the Hey Monday Video shoot this weekend I walked off and snapped a few pics on the beach. There was a random pair of shoes just sitting there, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity for my first post here!

Thanks Sam for starting this!

Matt's Photo:
"Cannon Beach in Winter"

Holly's Photo:
"Billi Jo"

My Billi with her bone! Not exactly artsy or inspiring but entertaining.

Sammy's Photo:
"Goonies Rock"
We drove out to the Oregon coast today with Pete and ended up in a small town where they filmed scenes from the movie The Goonies! We could have sworn we saw the ghost ship pulling up along side this incredible Oregonian landscape. To think we were that close to One-Eyed-Willy's treasure and came home empty handed!

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