Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Jessica's Photo:
"Mother Nature, you slay me; you really do"


  1. Also, this will later turn into a sugar snap pea, which I will then eat-

  2. *yum* :)
    I like the pop of green in this picture and the fancy shapes. I think if you had tried it backed off a little more so the plant could be more obviously on one side of the image, with those boards straight up and down, it might have been more graphic or impactful. But, super job! :)

  3. I took a different one from a better angle, but there was more going on underneath, & it was way too busy. Thanks for the tips! I would like to get better, not just take random photos that are kinda cool...

  4. Can you crop the other one? What editing software do you use, if any? It's hard enough to take neat photos, and FAR harder to get them right with out any tweaking! :)