Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hey guys, lets start getting in the habit of commenting... This blog gets a LOT of traffic these days, but no interaction. If you like a photo, PLEASE post a comment, and tell the photographer why, so that she/he may get better!

Matt's Photo:

Sammy's Photo:
"I love Portland more each night."

Ran into some kids practicing tricks around midnight in the Pearl district.

Holly's Photo:

While the guys were loading up their gear for a show in Cocoa I was bored and starting shooting random stuff around their practice space.


  1. you're right! we all need to start commenting matt! i miss you and sam tons!

  2. I'm all in for commenting! :) And since I'm starting here, I can't help but defend myself for that photo Matt posted. My hair was wet still from showerig, and after seeing this I went immediately to get a haircut ! lol